Yes there is a process you have to go through when renting a home, apartment or condo for the first time. Below is the details of this process. We have also included a link for you to download the screening criteria at your leisure.


  • Each applicant must submit an individual application with proper references.
  • Applications may be turned in prior to viewing a property.  The application will not be processed until you tour the property with a company representative and pay the application fee at any one of our office locations.
  • A non-refundable $40.00 application fee will apply for EVERY person 18 years of age or older who will be residing in the rental unit regardless of familial status.
  • A non-refundable $40.00 application fee will apply for EVERY co-signer 18 years of age or older.
  • We will NOT review incomplete applications.
  • We will accept the first qualified applicant(s).


  • We offer application forms to everyone who inquires about the rental.
  • We review completed applications in the order in which we receive them.
  • We may require a minimum of three business days to verify information on an application.
  • If we are unable to verify information on an application, the process may take longer and the application may be denied.
  • Certain variables in the application process may require an additional deposit and/or co-signer. The only time a co-signer is considered is if you are a 1st time renter and/or student.
  • Application fees are to be paid by EXACT CASH or MONEY ORDER ONLY.  Unfortunately, we cannot accept checks on application fees.
  • Upon signing of rental agreement, Rent and the Deposit will be required.


  • We require at least one current government issue photo ID which can include:
    • Passport (Foreign or US)
    • US Driver’s License  or US Sate Issued ID Card
    • Work Visa or Student Visa
  • We will also require your Social Security Number for screening purposes


  • Rental history of current and previous landlord references from unbiased/unrelated sources is required.
  • Applicants must provide us with the information necessary to contact past landlords.
  • We reserve the right to deny an application, if after making a good faith effort; we are unable to verify prior rental history.
  • Prior eviction(s) may result in denial of an application.


  • Gross household income shall be at a minimum of 3 times the Rent amount (excluding utilities).
  • Income/Resources must be verifiable through pay stubs, employer contact, and/or current tax records.
  • Employment MUST be verified.
  • Self-employed applicants must provide a copy of their most recent tax return, current bank statement and business license.


  • A credit check and/or criminal public records check will be performed.
  • Negative reports may result in denial of an application.
  • Any individual who is a current illegal substance abuser, or has been convicted of the illegal manufacture or distribution of a controlled substance may be denied tenancy.

ADDITIONAL DEPOSITS – You may be asked to pay an additional deposit (up to 2x the rent) for the following:

  • No credit or poor credit (including, slow pay or bankruptcy more than one year ago).
  • No landlord references (must be from an unbiased source; no roommate or family references).
  • If you have a pet or pets
  • Non-US Citizen


  • Once the application is approved, we require immediate payment of the deposit to guarantee and hold the unit.
  • A Deposit to Hold will hold the unit up to seven (7) days.  If for any reason you fail to rent the unit, you may forfeit all or part of that deposit, per ORS 90.297.
  • If payment is not received within 24 hours after being approved, we will continue to market the home for rent.
  • The Deposit to Hold must be paid with Certified Funds.


  • Mailbox keys are handled by the Postmaster.  You may need to go to the local post office if CPM Real Estate Services is unable to provide one.
  • Typically, the Post Office charges $40.00 to have the mailbox re-keyed.  This expense is a tenant responsibility and is not part of your move-in fees.

DENIALS – You may be denied tenancy and will forfeit your application fee for the following:

  • Incomplete or misrepresentation of any information on your application.
  • Eviction judgments
  • Collections, judgments or charge offs in the last seven (7) years.
  • Bankruptcy in the last twelve (12) months.
  • Negative landlord reference and/or money due to a prior landlord.
  • Felony record or 3 or more misdemeanor charges.
  • Applications may be denied based upon demeanor, unacceptable behavior or attitude.

CPM Real Estate Services, Inc. represents the owners of this property.  “We are pledged to the letter and spirit of U.S. policy for the achievement of equal housing opportunity throughout the nation.  We encourage and support an affirmative advertising and marketing program in which there are no barriers to obtaining housing because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, marital status, source of income, sexual orientation or national origin.”

CPM Real Estate Services, Inc. complies with and bases its policies on the Oregon Landlord Tenant Law.

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