Managing Homeowners Associations

managing homeowners associationsManagement of a Homeowner’s Association is a unique service provided by CPM.  We currently manage 40 HOA’s consisting of nearly 2400 units.

Ellen Naumes oversees this division and establishes each HOA’s specific structure with CPM based on their particular needs.  Management is performed at the direction of the Board of
Directors.  Ellen works directly with each of the HOA’s vendors to ensure the needs and requirements of the homeowners association are met.

Typical issues addressed by Ellen each day include concerns with parking, refuse, pets, and architectural and landscape compliance.   Enforcement of dues collection and assessments is an integral function of HOA management, as well as monthly onsite inspections and accounting services.

The demand for the management of HOA’s is increasing.  CPM has acquired four new associations so far this year.
If you have questions about HOA management or compliance you may reach Ellen directly at: 541-842-2404 or email: