Welcome to CPM Real Estate Services, Inc. – thank you for choosing us as your property management company.

CPM Real Estate Services, Inc. offers the widest variety of homes, apartments and manufactured home spaces in Southern Oregon.  We pride ourselves on our services to our residents and the homes we have to lease or rent.

As a potential renter you may have questions on what to expect from a property management company and what your responsibilities are as a renter.

The following are some common questions we hear from new residents and answers we hope will help you have an easier time adjusting to your new home should you decide to rent from CPM.

Frequently asked questions

  1. What do I need to do to apply for a CPM residential rental property?

You can find a copy of our screening criteria on our website.  It describes the type of documentation necessary when applying and our process for screening applicants.  It is important to provide complete and accurate information when applying at CPM. If you are applying online we will contact you shortly after we receive your application and arrange for a property showing and collection of your application fee(s) and any other required documentation (Search and apply for properties here).

  1. Where, when and how do I pay rent?

You can pay at any of our three offices during business hours, mail checks to our Medford Office, or pay online.  For after hours drop off, our Medford and Ashland offices have drop boxes.  Rent is due on the 1st of each month and must be received no later than midnight on the 5th of the month it is due in order to avoid a late charge.

Medford: 718 Black Oak Dr. Suite A | Medford, OR 97504 | 541.773.6400
Ashland: 1875 Hwy 99 North | Ashland, OR 97520 | 541.482.0326
Grants Pass: 980 SW 6th St., Suite 16 | Grants Pass, OR 97526 | 541.955.9193

  1. What about late charges?

A late charge of $50.00 will be assessed if payment is received later than midnight on the 5th of the month it is due.  Late fees are not waived unless you can document that your check was received by our office by the cut off date and time.  If you are mailing a check, make sure it arrives on or before the 5th.  If our office is closed use the drop box before midnight on the 5th and you will not be charged a late charge.

  1. Who do we call if something goes wrong at our home?

If you have a problem with any of your homes systems including: Plumbing; electrical; heating/cooling; appliances; roof leaks; broken windows or; any other concern, you can call any of our offices 24/7.

If our offices are not open you will automatically be transferred to an after hours service.  If your problem is an emergency you will be connected to an after hours specialist who will make arrangement for service.  If the problem is not an emergency your Property Manager will be contacted and follow up with you on the next working day.

For non-emergencies you may contact CPM to report problems by going on-line to www.cpmrealestateservices.com and submit your maintenance request.

It is important that you do not take significant repairs into your own hands.  We have qualified technician who can solve problems in the home quickly and professionally.

  1. Can I have a pet?

Not all properties allow pets.  You should ask whether will be allowed prior to applying of your home.  If allowed there will normally be an additional deposit required.  It is important that you honor your agreement with CPM and the property owner.  If you are unsure about this or any other responsibility as a resident, do not hesitate to call.

  1. What am I responsible for at my new home?

Please thoroughly review your agreement and addendum for a complete list of tenant responsibilities.  Here are a few important ones.

    1. Smoke Detector batteries and regular testing
    2. A/C and furnace filters
    3. Yard care (unless noted otherwise)
    4. Light bulbs
    5. Reporting problems to CPM in a timely manner
  1. Are there things I should not do in my new home?

Please thoroughly review your agreement and addendum for a complete list of items you can not do in your rental without permission from CPM.  Here are a few items where mistakes are commonly made.

    1. No painting, construction or modification to the structure of the home without prior written permission from CPM.
    2. No pets without written approval by CPM.
    3. No removal of smoke detector batteries (they can save your life).
    4. No removal of perennial plants, trees or bushes or modification of outdoor structures without prior approval from CPM.
    5. No additional unregistered roommates (see agreement for a definition of a roommate) without them having applied and been approved as a resident.
    6. No illegal activities.
  1. Is my Security Deposit Refundable? 

Security deposits are fully refundable if the property is returned to CPM in the same condition it was when you moved in.  There is an allowance for “Normal Wear and Tear” such as normal wear of carpets, paint and other items that have a limited life expectancy.  Normal Wear and Tear does not include pet or other damage, stains, failure to change furnace filters, leaving a unit dirty  and other items covered on our Cleaning Requirements for Move Out instructions.
Cleaning Requirements for Move Out

  1. Why do I have to have a Security Deposit? 

A security deposit is designed to help assure the property owner that there are funds in place to cover their property in the event that a resident leaves the rental without properly cleaning it or there is damage to the property that is not considered Normal Wear and Tear.  All rental units have a security deposit that must be paid prior to moving in to the property and cannot be returned until all residents have moved out of the property.

  1. How much is my Security Deposit? 

The standard security deposit for a residential rental is one month’s rent plus $150.00.  The additional $150.00 has been added to help cover the professional carpet cleaning required between residents.  The actual carpet cleaning cost varies depending on the size of the unit, the number of bedrooms, the condition the carpet is left in and whether there are stairs that need cleaning so it is possible the real charge after a resident moves out may be less or exceed that amount.  Additional deposits may be necessary depending on factors associated with the application review process, whether there are pets or not and in some cases as required by the property owner.  You will be informed of the deposit amount you will be required to pay prior to your taking possession of the rental.  All deposits are due prior to taking possession of a rental property.

There are additional deposits required when adding a new roommate.

  1. When will I get my deposit refund back?

Deposits are returned only when all residents in a rental unit have moved out.  We do not return partial deposits when roommates move in our out of a unit.

We will mail you your refund and a statement no later than 31 days after you vacate and turn in your keys.  If you do not turn in your keys we may not know you have move out until later.  This can delay our returning your refund.  Remember, without a forwarding address we will have to send your refund to the last known address.  This can delay your receipt of the refund.

When you have received your refund if you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact your Property Manager who will do his/her best to help you.

  1. How do I Document the Property Condition when I move in to assure I am only responsible for what happens when I lived in the property?

We ask that you fill out a Property Condition Report (provided when you sign the rental agreement) within 5 days of your move in as a record of the properties condition at your move in.  This document is later used to help ensure that you are not held responsible for a condition that existed prior to your move in.

  1. What do I need to seasonally pay attention to?

For those living in an apartment there are usually few things you need to be aware of.  For those in house there can be more.  The following list includes highlights only.  CPM will from time to time publish a seasonal newsletter which is available in any of our offices on request.

    1. Fall/Winter
  •  turn off sprinkler systems
  •  change heater filters regularly
  •  in older homes leave the water trickling in a sink on extremely cold days.
  • keep an eye out and treat mildew (see addendum).
  • rake up leaves (if the tenant’s responsibility, see your Agreement)
    1. Spring/Summer
  • turn sprinkler systems on
  • water lawns and perennials
  • keep yard mowed
  • change A/C filters
  1. What do I need to do when I am ready to move out of my rental unit?

The rental agreements and addendum will include information on how to properly give CPM notice of a pending move out.  Below are a few of the key items you will need to be aware of.

    1. Residents must give at least a 30 day notice of their plans to move.  We have forms available our offices and they are available online.  A written, dated and signed letter which includes your current address and date of the intended to move is also adequate.  We will need the resident’s forwarding address in order to return any refundable deposits.  The notice may be faxed to 541-776-4589 (Medford), 541-482-1118 (Ashland) or 541-955-5038 (Grants Pass).
    2. It is the resident’s responsibility to have the utilities turned out of their name(s) on the day they move out.  Do not turn them off early or you may be charged a reconnection fee.
    3. A departing resident must turn in all keys on the day they move out.  They can drop them in one of our drop boxes if it is after hours.  It is important to make sure there is an address on the keys and garage door openers if keys are dropped in one of the boxes.
    4. Residents are responsible for returning a rental clean and without damage.  We provide detailed instructions to residents on how to prepare the rental for the move out (insert the link to our Cleaning Requirements for Move Out document here).
    5. You must pay all rent through the day you turn in your keys.  Your deposit is not to be used to cover the last month’s rent.

 Medford  541.773.6400 | Ashland 541.482.0326 | Grants Pass 541.955.9193 | info@cpmrealestateservices.com